• Disinfection of all metal implements that come in contact with the clients. Only Hospital Grade disinfectant which is a germicide, pseudomonacide, fungicide, and viricide (AIDS , Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C) are used.
  • Our therapists wear gloves for all our procedures to reduce transmission of any infections. Gloves are disposed after every customer.
  • We DO NOT USE corn cutters or credo blades in our procedures. Credo blades is a dangerous equipment that are BANNED in several states in America. Instead of corn cutters we use CALLUS REMOVER SOLUTION to soften the callus and file the soften skin away.
  • We use alcohol disinfectant that has been properly prepared so that its efficacy as a disinfectant is not compromised.
  • We use BLEACH to disinfect our towels.
  • We DO NOT use toe separators. Toe separators, like cotton wool, are manufactured to be disposable which means that it cannot be disinfected.
  • We use nail polish removers that have low percentage of acetone. Acetone are harsh and can harm your nail bed. We have a non-acetone option for pregnant or lactating woman.
  • For waxing services, we practice "NO Double" dipping to reduce the chance of transmission of disease from once customer to another.










  • We only use HSA registered glue for our Eyelash Extension procedure. The lashes used are from Korea and Japan.
  • We carry a range of Non-toxic nail polish that are free of odor and toxins like FD&C colors, toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalates, xylenes, or formaldehyde that is safe for pregnant, lactating mothers as well as children.
  • We make a conscious effort to use only non-acetone nail polish remover on our client.












Using only the best products in the market, we aim to give customer the best at a fraction of the price.

  • For nail polishes, we use OPI, ZOYA, MISA and Creative. These quality nail polishes ensure manicure and pedicure last.
  • For nail art, we use TINS from Japan, Gel 3 D nail art (we are one of the first few in Singapore to use this system), Swaroski crystal.
  • For enhanced nail services, we use a Soak off Japanese Gel system that is non-acidic in nature which will cause minimal damage to our nails as compared to our gel system in the market. We insist on NOT using Acrylic system for our enhanced nail services as we know the damage it can cause our nails.
  • High-quality signature lotions, scrubs, and special treatments that actually work. For spa treatment, a patented Hospital grade Paraffin Wax treatment and reputable brands such as Cuccio, Qtica and Akilene are used.
  • Quality Wax from Paris as well America are used for hair removal services.
  • All products in our shop are from Australia, America, Korea, Japan or Europe